Yard in Marion

Here are a few pictures showing my front and back yard in Marion. We have planted a lot of bushes, trees and flowers to attract the birds and insects.

August 2017. The plants have gotten bigger than expected and some moving will have to take place next spring. We have had a lot of butterflies this summer.

This is what the back yard looked like prior to 2017. In late 2016 the neighbor's sycamore tree fell into our yard taking out part of our maple. As a result we had to have most of the maple removed. The yard is now very sunny and we have had to do a lot of moving of shady plants.

This is what the yard looks like after moving the shady plants, the big feeder and putting in some grass for our puppy. I also redid the deck and added the pergola, which Joyce and I have enjoyed many afternoons and evenings this summer.

View from deck on August 14, 2022.