Moth & Butterfly Database Statistics

Below are some Statistics from my moth and butterfly database.

I would like to thank Frank Olsen ( introduced me to moths), Ann Johnson ( convinced me to put together a website for insects), and Don Becker for writing the code for this new website.

I would also like to thank all the people whose records and photographs are shown on the site. I am amazed at the number of people that are taking pictures and putting them on various sites and sending the data to me to help with our knowledge of what is in Iowa.

I also greatly appreciate the many people that check out the data and supply me with corrections and updates. This helps greatly to keep the data accurate.

The website contains records from Bugguide, BAMONA, MPG, BOLD, and the Iowa Butterfly Survey Network (IBSN) from Iowa State / Reiman Gardens and many other places and people. When looking at some records, the GPS coordinates may be missing. The data is concealed because of a private property that the person does not want public or the record is for a species that is on the Iowa list of special concern, threatened or endangered. Some may be an old record that we are not sure of the location other than a county.

Catalog numbers reflect the year the records were added to my database and not the year of sightings. Some records show dates of 1/1/1950. These records come from BAMONA and others and (I think) reflect the earliest date that the software being used would allow.

Example of what I hope to have most of the pages look like.

In adding photographs, I have tried to add the person's name (other than mine) in the caption field and apologize if I have missed any. In the case of specimen pictures, I can not add the person's name but it is probably the collector's name. In the case of Frank Olsen and Paul Martsching, pinned specimens were photographed by me.

Metrics can be checked by picking criteria in the records menu. New feature which gives current data.

The history information on the butterflies (Iowa) comes from the Butterflies of Iowa book by Dennis Schlicht. Also the photos are the ones that were used in the book. I have added photos and information as I have obtained new data.